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To purchase items go to my Etsy Shop. I’m assured that you will like our essentials. Being a woman that has loved jewelry for so long now, I enjoy creating pieces that you will love as well.

Being updated with the latest fashion trends and giving extra care to your body is not only applicable to women. Nowadays, you can observe that men are paying more attention to their clothes and appearance. Some women even will say that the men they knew are more meticulous than them. This is not about gender preference or being gay. It is just that men today want to be more fashionable and presentable, especially actors and models. You will hardly see them in public wearing their jammies or clothes that you wear at home like loose shirts and sweat pants. Moreover, they spend a fortune in taking care of their body, especially the skin. Aside from eating a balanced diet, they also take time with beauty regimens. So if you also want to look like a model, you can use this cotton on discount code to purchase great clothes.


Hi, I'm Nicole Marie, creator and designer of Coco Essentials handcrafted jewelry. After many years of admiring, purchasing and wearing unique jewelry pieces, I began to design and create my own jewelry. After being complimented numerous times I decided to create my very own jewelry line. Here you will be able to keep up with Coco Essentials' latest designs, events and I'll share my secrets and jewelry tips.

I'm a Caramel Frappe addict. Lover of all things creative, decorating, cooking and crafting. Social Media Nut, blogging, vlogging and all that it intails. Lover of WordPress, StudioPress & the Genesis Framework, it ROCKS!. Founder of Splitcybernality.com and Owner of blog Help! Mama Remote.... With all that going on...My God, husband and children have my heart.

Jewelries are pieces of art. However, when it is handmade, it brings promotion to the local economy. It gives opportunities to artist to share their crafts to others without a need to spend more. In fact, jewelries remain its value so it is also a great investment. It could not only be used for aesthetic purposes, but its value could change through time. Besides, handmade jewelries assure you that all the items are made with uniqueness. There will be no item that is specifically the same as yours because although items are crafted using the same materials and using the same means, there will always be a difference.

These kinds of jewelries are perfect for gifts on any occasion. Besides, great craftsmanship and design never goes out of style! Hand craft jewelries may sometimes be found rarely, so you can check on online shopping sites. Make sure that the item you purchased has an excellent rate and review to ensure that you obtain the best deal!

My favorite scripture:

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jer. 29:11

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